Z32 master cylinder on S13 update.

by ryandriftingfat on July 23, 2011

When I did the Z32 brake upgrade on my first car, I was super disappointed when I went to test drive it. The pedal feel was just awful and the braking didn’t seem to be improved much, if at all. I decided to go and get a Z32 master cylinder and some new cut off disks for my Dremel so I could cut open my S13 master cylinder to grab the flair fittings.

Then I caught a break, I went to Napa and they had a Z32 brake master cylinder that had all three flair fittings already. That feature made the Z32 master cylinder a bolt-on affair. And it was a great upgrade, the Z32 brakes really shine with the bigger master cylinder. I went on to document my brake upgrade and the part numbers for the correct Z32 master cylinder on my blog, here

It’s 7 years later, and I went to try to buy another one today. I searched Napa’s website for the part number from the first go-round, 47-39777, which didn’t come up with anything. I decided to go into the store and see if they could do any deeper digging. They were able to, and came up with another part number, MC39777. The part number cross-referenced to a 90 Z32 and the similarity to the original part number was clear, so I crossed my fingers and ordered it.

I picked it up today and it’s a perfect match from before. It even has the same green caps and no size in the casting. This time though it has that cap for the center line, which you wouldn’t use on S13.

So I’m pretty sure that this is a 1990 16/16″  Z32 master cylinder, and that it’s going to work great. Excellent. Time to update my FAQ.

If you go for one yourself, give them one of those numbers and they should have what you want. The cost was $156.92.

EDIT: It appears that Amazon is now carrying this master cylinder, here: 240SX Master Cylinder

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Bradley Stewart August 8, 2012 at 4:50 am

The reference to the Z32 BMC part code was very useful to a fellow S13 owner!

Thank you very much :)


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