Will my S13 SE wheels clear Z32 brake calipers?

by ryandriftingfat on May 28, 2010

Z32 Four piston calipers are a great upgrade to the craptastic stock single piston brakes which come standard on all USDM S-chassis cars.  The Z-brake upgrade is a bolt-on affair, so wheel clearance often becomes the biggest issue to think about prior to upgrading.

So will it work?  The long and short answer is maybe.If you want to upgrade to Z32 brakes without spacers, the first thing you can do is throw your steelies / teardrops away, they don’t clear anything without spacers. If you are wanting to use 30mm iron or aluminum Z32 calipers, then the answer is also straight up no. Go buy spacers.

So what does work?  The stock SE wheels can clear 26mm Z32 brakes. Nissan made at least two different kinds of S13 SE wheels (the common 7 spoke alloys). The support grooves on the back of the spokes changed sometime during production, so there are two different versions.  I don’t know the method to the madness, but it is what is.  Here are pics of the back of the spokes, if you want to use 26mm calipers, make sure you have the good wheels so you don’t have to use spacers.

Good Wheel! Bad Wheel :(
givemeshred-s13-se-wheel-clearance-good givemeshred-s13-se-wheel-clearance-bad

Note: I got the pictures from someone on Zilvia.net
I have NO idea who it was though, sorry. So, I’d like to thank *insert name here* for these pictures.