Which ball joints work for S13 240SX?

by ryandriftingfat on November 19, 2011

Have an S13 240SX and want to replace your worn out and busted up ball joints?

I decided to replace the ball joints in my lower control arms as part of my rebuild, so I hit up the usual sites and search engines to find out what I needed. It wasn’t easy to find what I wanted, there were a lot of varying answers. Hopefully this page can help cut out some of that wrong info.

From my research, I found that the most common ball joint recommended for the rear was the front ball joint from a B13 Sentra (91-94). This is partly correct; the front ball joint from a B13 Sentra is 1mm bigger than the mount in the S13 rear LCA. It will work, but it’s going to take some work, or grinding out your LCA mount a little bit.

For the front, I found even less info. It turns out it’s often more cost effective to just replace the entire front LCA. It will come with a new ball joint and a new bushing for the cross member mount. So it’s up to you to compare prices between the two. If you’re a little skilled with a welder though, you might want to buy raw ball joints to press into an LCA you’ve modified yourself.

So here it is, the proper ball joints – part numbers and Amazon links.

For S13 rear, you need Moog ball joint #K9633, or any other ball joint for a B12 Sentra front LCA, it is the correct size for your S13 rear LCA mount. It’s available from Amazon, here: 240SX rear ball joint.

For S13 front, you need Moog ball joint #K9509. It appears that Moog is the only company making a “ball joint only” replacement for S13. It’s on Amazon here: 240SX front ball joint.

Alternatively for S13 front, you can pick up one of these full replacement front LCA’s with the new ball joint and bushing. They’re available below.

Left: 240SX Front Left Lower Control Arm
Right: 240SX Front Right Lower Control Arm

Good luck.