Well this sucks.

by ryandriftingfat on August 30, 2012

Bleh I hate even writing this down. TO bearing wasn’t pressed in right, seized up, broke the pressure plate. This on an Exedy Hyper kit. Exedy doesn’t sell pressure plates separately. Consider that a major negative for future purchasing considerations.

Whatever though, working on a couple other options. Down probably another week at least. Should be getting a cage right now. Car started so that’s cool. Kinda bittersweet. Makes cool noises though.

Still no burnouts.


So close.

UPDATE (08/31/12); after speaking with Exedy US, it’s clear we were given bad information from someone at Exedy. Exedy US gave me a part number and it looks like it won’t be hard to find. I’m using a different clutch to get it driving now but I’ll swap back to the Hyper kit in 3-6 months.

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