Some toys for the S13 cockpit.

by ryandriftingfat on November 5, 2010

Nothing new to report really; I won’t post when there’s nothing interesting. Got a few personal issues which are getting in the way of dumping thousands into the S13 right now. Hope to clear a path soon, but the site is more or less silent until then. A pic of a slightly more comfortable cockpit below. Cockpit is most important!

Thus far, it has a hard-wired Passport X50 radar detector up top. For steering, it’s a Nardi 350 wheel, Circuits Sports quick release and a Momo steering wheel hub. Also includes a Phase2 SPL drift knob, Enjuku angled shifter extension and S14 manual seatbelts. Just need a seat now, Sparco Pro-2000 bucket from Phase2 coming up eventually. And as a bonus, a clearance shot of my buddies brakes on an S4 Avant.

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