JustDrift 2013 season opener.

by ryandriftingfat on March 4, 2013

My first opportunity at a normal event came and went last weekend, with JustDrift throwing a two-day open event at Horse Thief Mile. I’ll admit to being a little anxious, being that my first experience at HTM from All Star bash 2012 was a little, ahem, underwhelming. I was comfortable on Streets but HTM was daunting. Luckily I was ready to go at 9AM on Saturday and had about 15 laps under my belt before I saw anyone else on track (love you JustDrift). Thanks to a ridiculous amount of track time though, I got comfortable on HTM quickly and got to spend most of my energy getting consistent (as opposed to just getting it like at ASB). So here are a quick video.

JustDrift HTM 2013 Season Opener

Definitely feeling good, comfortable and I think I know where to improve next time. I want to clip the apex later at the top of the hill, improve my aim at the outer clipping point, transition a little less hard going downhill and swing wider coming into the lower apex. I want to be able to stay off the ebrake and I’m not yet able to do all of that in a single run. Here are a couple pics.



Thank you to Jonathan Velasquez, Will Nourse, AMDrift.com and Winding Highway Studios.

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