How to do the vertical hood mod on 240SX.

by ryandriftingfat on August 11, 2011

The vertical hood modification on a Nissan 240SX is a free way to get easy under-hood clearance. Especially good for tall people and working near the firewall, with this mod you will rarely need to take the hood off; even for motor swaps!

Straight to the goods – this is the difference this modification makes:

stock sorta-not-stock

That pictured is not even all the way back. It sweeps back to somewhere in the 100-110 degree range and rests directly on the windshield. If you do this yourself, seriously figure out a better post setup because the windshield and that jack handle are not good ideas long-term. I have a hook in my ceiling and some rope.

This is what you get stock, the hinge is fully extended.

The hinge stopper works by having two opposing pads close in on each other as the hinge extends. When you get to the maximum extension, the pads contact and don’t go any further. The way the stopper is designed, if you try to bend either side, you’re likely to bend it out of shape. So, cutting it is.

These are the two pads which make up the hinge stopper; one side needs to be bent or cut out (not both).

option 1 option b

I chose to cut option2. It only required two cuts per side and this side also makes up less of the structure compared to the other side.

I had originally intended to use a rotary cutoff tool, but some people forget to return borrowed stuff. So I used a hacksaw. It made pretty quick work of the hinges, just try to minimize cuts to the rest of the hinge. Once I finished cutting, I sanded down the metal edges, then blasted it with a couple quick coats of primer to cover the bare metal.

That’s it. Bolt everything up and you should get the full sweep like I have above.

EDIT: 11/25/11 – Here is a pic from pulling my KA, notice the hood is still in, just flipped over-vertical. I took 2 pieces of rope, looped them around the hood between the headlights, and tied them down to opposite sides of the car to hold it in place.