How I hard-wired a radar detector in an S13.

by ryandriftingfat on December 27, 2010

I’ve had this Passport X50 for all of my professional life. I drove the toll roads daily when I bought this thing and it’s saved me a few times. Luckily, CHP still uses Ka on the toll roads, and the Passport can damn near see around corners when Ka is in-use. I don’t drive the toll roads as often now, but I’ve still brought the detector with me with each new car. It also brought with it the biggest annoyance of using a radar detector.

The suction cups! I hate these things! They stop sucking and fall off. That sucks!

Zipties are better.

And it’s super stealthy.

These are the parts I used:

Now I don’t run a headliner, but there’s no reason you can’t punch a couple of holes in the headliner to run a zip tie through; the headliner is just glorified cardboard and the bracket will hide everything.

The X50 uses a sliding bracket to hold the detector body in place. This design works great in this case because only the bracket is ziptied to the frame, I can slide the detector out at any time easily.

Once the bracket was ziptied into position, I ran the hard-wire kit through headliner rail, down the A-pillar, and out under the dash.  The radar detector shouldn’t be on full-time, so I needed to find an ACC line. Once under the dash, I tapped into signal cable from the stereo, then ran a ground wire to the shifter bracket.

It’s a little ghetto, but it works great and I don’t intend to run this configuration long term. If nothing else, just take my method and make it better. Then post pics.