Help, my tire is eating through my harness!

by ryandriftingfat on May 28, 2010

Chewed up harnesses are a common problem amongst lowered and hard driven S-chassis cars. Here’s how to put off doing an awesome (but PITA) cable re-route on your car. This procedure requires removal of the inner fender liner, removing all bolts from the fender and pulling the wiring harness up and over the inner fender well to get it away from the tire.

Here are the two bolts under the fender. The metal is probably going to be bent from scraping and jacking the car up in the wrong spot. Grab a set of pliers and get to work bending it out. Just bend it out enough to get the bolts off, then when you put the fender back on, just use zipties.

Three bolts up top. No problems here.

Unhook and remove your turn signal.

One bolt inside the doorjam. Watch out for evil/mean looking faces.

There is a bolt there somewhere. This picture was taken at the wheel, looking towards the back of the car between the uni-body and the fender. You need an extension or twenty to get to it.

EDIT (6/17/10):  I did this same procedure on my new S13, here is a better picture of the above bolt; again, picture taken at the wheel hub looking towards the back of the car.

There are 6 bolts holding the bumper to the fender. The top ones are hard to get to, so just put 2-3 of them back when you’re done. There is also another bolt that you will be able to see if you pop your lights up. It’s a million times easier to get to if you have the bumper off, but if you have a 10mm ratcheting wrench, it will be just as easy with the bumper on. There is also a small bracket on the bottom of the fender that supports the bumper to the unibody. Pretty simple to take off. BTW, green wristband means open bar.

Pull the fender off to reveal this: A harness that has clips holding it to the unibody and clips holding the hood release handle. Cut those clips (2 or 3 for the harness, 2 or 3 for the cable), and pull them away from the unibody. Cut the outer tubing off of the harness, and repair any rubbed wiring like in the last picture.

Now pull the harness and cable up above the little ridge on the unibody. Use a couple zipties in each hole to secure it in place. Make sure they are tight.

You’re done. Put the fender back on and get to work slamming your car like a gangster. Yes, the fender will go back on. It will be a little tighter, but that just means that the fender is helping to hold the harness in it’s new position by keeping extra tension on it.

I think I only put back about half of the bolts that I took out and replaced a couple with zipties. Just so that its easier the next time I take off the bumper or fenders.  And because I’m lazy. This same technique applies to the S14, but they use mounting different mounting points from an S13 and I don’t have one to use as an example. Just figure out how to get your S14 fender off and do the same thing I did and you’ll be golden.I should also mention that this is more of a quick fix than anything. The way it should be done would to reroute the whole harness into the engine bay, but that requires a lot of extra time, and like I said: I’m lazy. This works very well for a 30 minute job. If you plan on slamming your shit to the floor or just want to do it the best way possible, move the harness into the bay.