Finished and driving.

by ryandriftingfat on September 25, 2012

OK, the car is running and drifting and making cool noises with the occasional backfire or flames. It’s pretty badass.

OK, on to business. Got some nice pictures below, taken with a camera better than my phone. More importantly, this past Thursday I drove the car 40 miles to Adam’s, drifted for three hours and drove home on the same tires.  This outing wasn’t great as far as awesome drifting goes,the car has a lot of rear grip. I had a couple off-tracks due to still getting used to the chassis but I just need seat time. Part of going off included eating a tire – no problem with the PBM mid-mount intercooler! Paying off already.

I should have a lot of cool videos but I forgot to adjust the mount on my new helmet and it’s basically 7GB worth of looking at my switch panel with cool noises in the background. I also wasn’t using my second camera much of course. Dammit. I got one decent run off my second camera, the couple others I did get were all crap.

So, pictures.




I will be driving Adam’s once or twice more before All Star Bash, then who knows. Stay tuned.

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