Finally catching up.

by ryandriftingfat on March 24, 2014

I know you’re waiting with baited breath, “what’s new?”

Well, went to ToyDrift. Day 1 was balcony and it rained like crazy. After having a pretty good run of events where I progressively got better and more confident, trying to drive in the rain again was a major slap in the face. I think I didn’t link the course until after lunch; by the end of the day I only had a couple runs I’d even call decent. No footage, no cool pics. Then I let my friend Mickie go out the last couple laps of the day and he linked the whole thing both tries. Frustration growing. Day 2 was HTM and did OK. There weren’t a lot of other experienced drivers to tandem with, but I think the prior day was still in my head so suckfest 2013 was in full swing.

So that’s how 2013 ended. In the off-season I decided to upgrade my steering setup since I had no mods there, at all. I picked up a set of 1.5″ extended LCA’s, extended tie rods and Ackerman-corrected knuckles from Jason Kim at Rival Auto Works. Alignment, new power steering cooler, a few other minor repairs and it was February already. Time to get back out there for the season opener!


It took just a couple laps before I realized that the knuckle setup was a gift from god himself. They don’t fit with the stock fenders but who cares, the steering range and stability was incredible. I was going wider, deeper and FASTER without even really trying. Talking about going from spinning every 4th or 5th run to 2-3 times a day, that’s the difference it made. By afternoon of Day 1 I was really getting comfortable and hot-lapping in the tandem trains. Day 2 was basically the same thing. FUN FUN FUN FUN. After finishing off a set of tires shortly after lunch I was going to pack it in. But seeing Taka, Ken and Dennis were all out doing close tandem I decided I wanted to go play with the FD guys. Went out and got 3 or 4 laps with them.


Now, this is coming from memory. I have it on video but the sounds you hear on video aren’t the same as what I could hear. Dennis passed me on the front section and I remember thinking I heard something. On video I check my gauges at this point and confirm that I have pressure and temps are within range. So I keep driving and complete another lap. I’m following Dennis’ V8 car super close and again think I heard something. So I checked my gauges again, fine again.


I dismiss the sound as something from Dennis’ suspension. I start another lap following the three of them, apex at the top of turn 1, go wide to set up for turn 2, transition……. BOOM.


Smoke starts coming from under the hood so I roll off track, pop the hood and me and my passenger jump out. No fire luckily but there is oil everywhere.


Get it back into the pits and find a 2″ x 4″ hole in the exhaust side of the #1 piston. Fuck. my. life.


On the video, clear as day, the sounds I heard were knocking rods. Faint when Dennis passed me, much louder when I was chasing him and critical once we started drifting. At the season opener no less. So now I’m putting another motor in. Great.

Hope to be back in April. We’ll see. So lazy.

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