Can I use JDM Bumper Support with FMIC and stock bumper? How?

by ryandriftingfat on May 28, 2010

It’s pretty common to just ditch the bumper support when you run an FMIC. Probably not the smartest thing in the world, but the US bumper support requires a lot of cutting in order to fit a front mount behind your bumper.  A JDM bumper support is much easier to make fit with an FMIC kit, though there is still some cutting required.

After you’ve removed your bumper, and bumper support, install the FMIC. Once completed, grab your JDM support and cut a notch in both ends like below. Please note that this is the BOTTOM of the bumper support.


This pic shows why we have to cut the bumper support. The bottom part has a ridge on it which the factory bumper bolts to. That ridge that gets in the way of the front mount and must be cut away.


Without having cut the bumper support yet, it’s clear that some cutting will be required – the bolts don’t line up at all.


After you’ve cut everything and removed that section of metal, everything should fit perfect, like this:


And here is what the cut looks like. There are a few holes already drilled in the bumper support, so just connect the dots with a dremel. That seemed to work out fine for me. Round off your edges afterwards if you can with a dremel or something similar.


Please note, there IS a top and bottom to the bumper support. The bumper support is mounted right side up, but when I actually bolted mine down, it was upside down and EVERYTHING sagged. Just disgusting, and it blocked about 5 rows of intercooler fins from sagging. Just reference the mounting orientation in the pictures above and you’ll be fine.