Another non-update.

by ryandriftingfat on June 23, 2012

So I finished the mechanical stuff on my car in late February. It’s been 4 months and I still don’t have a running car. The event I wanted so desperately to have it finished for has come and gone. This sucks, but there have been some major issues since then, not entirely in my control.

So with that said, I can confirm that the wiring process has been started and that the newest estimate for a running car is going to be mid to end of July. So this time, for real, the car should be done and running inside of a month.


Honestly the delay may be a blessing in disguise. All these issues have given me extra time to save up, so the plans have changed somewhat. I expect to drive it straight from this shop to get a full cage installed, then mount a cheap aero kit and send it off for paint. If that’s going to pan out, then after the paint is done is when the official unveiling will happen. We’ll see. Until then, this is what it’s going to look like.


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